Big Kahuna Wings sets itself apart from the other guys in several different ways!


There is no other restaurant that focuses exclusively on the dry-rubbed wing experience like Big Kahuna Wings. Our wings are a deliberate departure from the traditional wing fare: they are not breaded; they are not tossed in sauce; and, they are never frozen. Big Kahuna Wings stand out since they are always fresh, always meaty, and always served with the dipping sauce on the side. The juicy meatiness of the wings, especially the famous Big Kahuna Wings, beat any other wings feathers-down.


A Big Kahuna Wings restaurant feels a lot like home to its customers. The owners and managers are always available and encourage conversations with guests. The goal is to have the restaurant feel more like a second home rather than a place of business–not a sports bar–the restaurant is clean, and the families are welcome. At Big Kahuna Wings, the atmosphere is directed towards good food and good conversation.


Big Kahuna Wings evolved as a restaurant in order to have a place where the BKW Seasoning collection could be used and showcased. There is no other wing restaurant following this model. The few that have their own seasonings are afterthought creations and the spice blends bear no resemblance to the ones actually used in the restaurant.


Unlike many traditional wing restaurants, Big Kahuna Wings takes great pride in being a restaurant that sells drinks to complement their food instead of food to complement their drinks.  Every item on the menu is house made and recipes bring unique flavors to the table.  The food is the entertainment!


With a choice of Original, Fire or Blazin’ Blend seasoning, then adding a variety of homemade sauces, the wings give you a different taste experience every time you walk through the door. But the flavors don’t stop there! Our unique offerings like the Pork Karnitas Wrap and Southern Cavier Burger change your taste buds forever!


We can’t say it enough… these dipping sauces are unique and tasty and truly different. The few places that do offer a dry-rub selection typically do not offer the sauces on the side. Combine our dipping sauces with our proprietary seasonings and all natural wings for a most excellent experience that keeps customers craving for more.


The staff members of Big Kahuna Wings (or family members as we call them) are clearly knowledgeable about the offerings and the seasonings and are available to help customers figure out what great combinations to try next. The friendly approach makes it easy for customers to ask questions and always feel like a member of the family.


Big Kahuna Wings is all about quality and freshness. Our proteins are never frozen. The food is high quality and fresh, and the wings are always the highest quality on the market. Many wing restaurants tout quality and freshness, we live by it!